Muhammad Aboûl-Wafâ (English)


Abu l-Wafa or  Abu l-Wāfā’ or Muhammad Aboûl-Wafâ

(by: Farida Ari)


Abu Wafa’ other name is Albuzdschani. He is known as an Arab astronomer and mathematician who was born in the largest of the Buy, in Buzdshan Khurasan (the city is now entering into the territory of Iran) on 1 Ramadan 328 H / June 10, 940 M. Abu Wafa’ the full name was Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Yahya bin Ismail bin Abbas Abu Wafa' al-Buzajani is a respected expert who included most of its time. His works in the fields of astronomy, among others Fi ma Yahtaj ilayh al-Kuttab wa al-Ummal min Ilm al-Hisab, al-Kamil (according to al-Qifti this work similar to the Almagest), and Al-Handasah. Main Services Abu Wafa’ lies in the further development of the trigonometry. Abu Wafa’ also has a stake in determining the method of calculation of sin 30 minutes and he also was the first to set the sinus theorem.


Ils ont adhérés au club d'astronomie de Boufarik

Liste des adherents du club d'astronomie de Boufarik qui à été créé le 7 Avril 1983 au centre culturel de Boufarik rue zidane Mohamed.

Nous citons ici quelques personnes et nous allons compléter cette liste.

Veuillez nous envoyer les noms que nous avons oublié


BALAOUD Mohamed 1983 animateur du club
BENDALI Mustapha 1983 Docteur en physique
LEMDANI Nesreddine 1983 DES physique
HASSENBAY Rachid 1983 universitaire
LOUNICI Smaïn 1983 lycéen
AOUISSI Smaïn 1983 lycéen
OUEELMOKHTAR Lounes 1983 lycéen
BELHOCINE Sliman 1983 lycéen
KADHI Yahya 1983 lycéen
HERMOUCHE Ryadh 1983 lycéen
MEDDOUR Yazid 1983 lycéen
ANINE Krimo 1983 lycéen
CHEBOUR yacine 1983 lycéen
MOUHAMEDI Mhamed 1983 collegien
ABDELLAH Djamel 1983 collegien
MENDILI Karim 1983 collegien
BOUBATRA Alaa 1983 collegien
BAREK Mohamed 1983 collegien
KADHI Nouredine 1983 collegien
KADHI Younes 1983 collegien
ALANI Redha 1983 collegien

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